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Classifying Triangles

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Young mathematicians explore the world of three-sided shapes in this lesson on the different types of triangles. Starting with a general introduction to classification using Venn diagrams, children learn how to categorize triangles based on the lengths of their sides and size of their angles. They complete a series of practice problems to demonstrate their knowledge.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Add this lesson into an upper elementary geometry unit on triangles
  • Extend the lesson by having students draw, cut out, and label different types of triangles to display on a classroom bulletin board
  • Use this resource to create packets for each member of the class and work through the content as a whole group, occasionally pausing to invite students to discuss questions and solve problems with a partner or in small groups
  • Tables that offer examples of each type of angle and triangle are included
  • Worksheet includes a wide variety of practice problems that support children with learning to classify triangles
  • Provides a teaching guide that offers additional considerations, tips, and an answer key for the worksheet
  • None
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