Civil War Civilian Experience

Imagine what would it have been like to watch a dramatic battle of the Civil War in your own backyard. Young scholars ponder this scenario while looking at firsthand accounts from the Battle of Franklin, along with modern photos of the site. Extension activities include opportunities to reflect on historical preservation or engage in writing activities from the perspective of an eye witness to battle. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask class members to evaluate the impact of modern construction on Civil War sites after reviewing resource materials
Classroom Considerations
  • While not necessary, resource encourages pupils to have background on the Battle of Franklin from a previous lesson
  • Graphic images in the PowerPoint may be disturbing to some
  • PowerPoint includes what could be construed as an apologist argument for the Confederacy and may not be appropriate for all classes
  • Resource is complete with essential teacher background information
  • Structure of lesson allows for practice of primary source analysis skills
  • None