Christopher Columbus

This Christopher Columbus unit also includes:

Take some time to focus on Christopher Columbus, his three ships, the purpose of his voyage, and the new land he discovered. Pay special attention to the included additional materials, they are the real value in this resource.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Introduce using a KWL chart 
  • Discuss ships, captains, and the ocean
  • Using a globe and toy ship, mimic Columbus's sailing route
Classroom Considerations
  • Resource is complex for first graders however, materials and activities are worthwhile
  • Review materials prior to teaching
  • Assessment and final evaluation includes the making of a pop-up book about Christopher Columbus
  • Included materials and worksheets are useful
  • Lesson plan is not suited for first graders
  • Concept objectives are not linked to skill objectives
  • Assumes prior knowledge of the topic