Christina's Candies

This Christina's Candies lesson plan also includes:

Help Christina figure out how many chocolate and lemon candies she has with a lesson on decomposing numbers. When presenting this context to the class, the teacher chooses the total number of candies and the number that are chocolate, requiring young mathematicians to determine how many are lemon. Provide young learners with crayons, pencils, and manipulatives, encouraging them to draw pictures, create models, or write equations to represent their findings. Use this whole-group activity as an opportunity for children to share their strategies with the class as they work to deepen their number sense.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Activity teaches how to decompose numbers using a real-life situation that children can relate to
  • The context presented in the lesson is flexible, allowing teachers to make modifications that meet the specific needs of their students

  • Teacher must create a graphic organizer or worksheet for students to use when recording their work
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