Lesson Plan

Choice, Conflict, and Compromise at the County level

This Choice, Conflict, and Compromise at the County level lesson plan also includes:

With all the hubbub surrounding national elections, it's easy to forget the importance of local government. After learning about county governance and voter turnout for local elections, young citizens demonstrate how local governance works by putting on a role-playing simulation of a Board of Commissioners Meeting. Different local interests petition for funds, and others vote on who gets the grants!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Expand by having the class investigate local issues and politicians and seeing how they can be involved in causes that interest them
Classroom Considerations
  • In the section student preparation, the link in "Option B" is broken, so stick with "Option A"
  • If inviting a county commissioner to speak to the class, contact the commissioner well in advance
  • Provides plenty of supporting information to support the simulation activity
  • Promotes engagement with local politics, an important but often over-looked area
  • None