Children’s Choices 2014

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Books for kids, chosen by kids! What could be better? This packet is made up of book lists, each with approximately 30 books included, organized by age group. Kids will enjoy the summer reading materials they choose from this resource!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Copy and cut out just the bookmark for a easy way to hand out a list of all the books provided here
  • Coordinate with teachers in the grade level above or below you to require students to read a certain number of books from this list
  • Use this as your own reference material when suggesting new books to children or adding books to your class library
Classroom Considerations
  • Since these are mostly newly published titles, you may wish to provide this list along with another list of classics and well-known favorites
  • On the final two pages of the resource, you will find a bookmark you can cut out that lists all of the books in the packet
  • The lists are clearly organized into age groups and paired with images of book covers
  • Each book is paired with a brief description to help learners make informed decisions about their reading
  • None