Unit Plan

Charlotte's Web: This Christmas, Help is Coming from Above

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This Charlotte's Web: This Christmas, Help is Coming from Above unit plan also includes:

Studying Charlotte's Web in your class? Included here are worksheets and activities for pupils, and lessons for teachers. Learners examine the text, create their own little play using paper cutouts of the characters, complete a crossword puzzle, and complete a few writing exercises. Find the lesson descriptions at the end of the packet.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Pick and choose the worksheets that you think will be best for your class, or follow the lessons as listed
  • The final activity is a writing contest that is no longer in session; however, you could hold a contest in your class and award prizes for various achievements
  • Cut out and laminate the materials for the puppet show so that they last for years to come
Classroom Considerations
  • While very colorful, this resource may stress out your printer or copier
  • The strength of this resource is in the materials; the actual lesson plan procedures and adaptations are relatively brief
  • While made around the time the film came out, these activities are designed to go with a study of the book
  • Includes a variety of different materials
  • Worksheets come with colorful images
  • None