Charge Intensity and Electric Force

Looking for a quick way to supercharge your electricity and magnetism unit? Assign a very responsive interactive designed to illustrate the relationship between charge, electric field, and the resulting forces. Learners experiment with different charges and intensities on two objects. During each adjustment, they observe the changes in force.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Ask pupils to compare and contrast their results, then draw conclusions about the relationship between force and charge intensity
  • Use the interactive as a formative assessment by asking individuals to demonstrate the conditions needed to produce the greatest attractive force or weakest repulsive force
Classroom Considerations
  • Resource works well as an introduction to charge intensity and electric force—or as a review tool for these topics
  • The force diagrams update smoothly as users change charge intensity and type
  • Clearly written instructions make the resource easy to assign for individual practice outside of the classroom
  • Two versions of the activity allow you to customize the experience for your students
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