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Characteristics of Life

We all know what it means for something to be living, right? In the first installment of a five-part video series, viewers first learn about the seven characteristics of life. The video then analyzes these characteristics in relation to trees and creeks.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide viewers with a list of the characteristics so they can focus on the video rather than on note-taking
  • Pause video to discuss how trees fit all of the characteristics of life before watching the explanation in the video
Classroom Considerations
  • Viewers should already be familiar with scientific terms associated with the characteristics of life, such as adaptation, homeostasis, cellular organization, etc.
  • Animation shows photosynthesis, plant cells, and DNA to provide support that trees are living things
  • Video lists the seven characteristics, but does not fully explain each
  • Video only covers one example of a living thing and one example of a non-living thing