Chapter 1: The Science of Biology

This Chapter 1: The Science of Biology workbook also includes:

Provide young biologists with everything they need to excel in the study of lymphatics, the nervous system, hormones, cellular division, and more! Pupils utilize the workbook, complete with end-of-chapter assessment worksheets, to gain further knowledge of biological processes encompassing the smallest to largest organisms on the planet. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Expand lessons and have the class build models of cells or organisms using edible candies to discuss structures
  • Have pupils research various topics (for each lesson) and locate more updated information to participate in group discussions
Classroom Considerations
  • Provide assistance to ELL learners when completing short answer and other open-ended questions
  • Use the workbook in conjunction with text sources for a complete idea of concepts to present to the class
  • Contains a full biology curriculum within one workbook, devised for easy delivery
  • Detailed explanations and end-of-chapter assessment worksheets make it great for differentiated learning or smaller classes
  • None