Lesson Plan

Changes in Ecosystems

How does water pollution affect the environment? Provide your class with the resources to answer this question as they learn about eutrophication and ecosystem changes. Over two weeks, they simulate the effects of pollution on the ecosystem and conclude this experiment by creatively presenting their results. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Write a letter to a farmer about the use of fertilizer and/or pesticides on their fields and the effect it has on the environment
  • Have students draw a diagram depicting what occurs after a forest fire, with a focus on plant life and the environment
Classroom Considerations
  • Prior background knowledge on eutrophication and catastrophic occurrences is helpful
  • Activity occurring over multiple days will allow students the ability to see changes and relate to current events in our environment
  • May be adapted as needed to appeal to all learning styles in the class
  • Three-day preparation phase before the activity may begin