Champion for Democracy? - Woodrow Wilson

Racist? Man of his time? Master statesman? Naive idealist? Historians still question the political legacy of Woodrow Wilson. Encourage your scholars to engage in the debate by using a biography that traces Wilson's academic and political careers. Part of the larger Who Did What in WW1? series, the video helps viewers get a clearer picture of Wilson and his role in history.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Stimulate debate on Woodrow Wilson's legacy by using the video in a flipped classroom model
  • Offer the video biography as research for project on key figures during World War I
Classroom Considerations
  • Viewer comments on the link may be inappropriate for some learners
  • Biography assumes pupils have some background in American history, such as knowledge of the Gilded Age
  • Biography puts Wilson in a broader context, including his upbringing
  • Research connects Wilson to larger themes in American and world history
  • Embedded advertising may disrupt instruction
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