Cereal Box Book Report

What is is about cereal boxes that draws consumers in? Tap into the effective marketing of cereal boxes and apply those elements to a book report. Pupils cover cereal boxes with information about their chosen books. they must create a cover page with an original cereal name related to their book, include information about characters and setting, write a brief summary, design a game for the back of the box, provide basic information about their books, and include a prize.

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  • Includes a suggested timeline for completing the project
  • See the materials tab for the templates mentioned in the detailed instructions
  • Allows for creativity while examining a book closely
  • Some pupils will need in-class assistance or additional support for the written portions of the project; you will need to determine if and when to fit this in
  • Students are meant to present their cereal projects, but there aren't any requirements listed for the actual presentation
  • Rubric is not included