Center of Mass

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Lead your class on an exploration as they locate the center of mass in several oddly shaped two-dimensional objects they create from their imaginations. Pupils also determine the location of the center of mass in three-dimensional objects and learn how to measure the center of mass in the human body to avoid improper calculations.    

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Instructional Ideas
  • Expand on the thought experiment in this lesson and conduct an actual experiment using the materials discussed
Classroom Considerations
  • Allow time to completely cover all information presented
  • Do not allow learners to play with the hammer or injuries could occur
  • Allows the class to be creative when constructing objects to determine the center of mass, both two and three-dimensional
  • Provides the opportunity to differentiate learning and expand upon concepts already included to explore further
  • Does not include a reading passage to provide the class with useful information or ways to apply the concepts of this lesson
  • Document permissions do not allow for printing