Lesson Plan

Cell Parts

What do a bird, an egg, a rabbit, and a toad all have in common? This fun-filled resource explains the similarities and differences between cells and how all cells are similar, yet all are different. Learners begin by depicting a timeline of the important cellular discoveries of historical figures in science. They then pair into groups based on cell function and assemble pillows to visually display each cellular component and its respective role in daily biological function.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Divide the class into groups and have one group create plant cells, while the other creates animal cells; compare differences and similarities in an open discussion
  • Play charades, with each student acting a part of the cell and other individuals attempting to guess the correct component
Classroom Considerations
  • Ask class members to bring accessories, such as buttons, sequins, ribbons, and pipe cleaners, to the class in preparation for this activity
  • The creative process is greatly encouraged throughout this activity
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