Capital Punishment

This Capital Punishment worksheet also includes:

Hold a brief discussion about the death penalty with your English language learners. The resource includes vocabulary words to examine, three different viewpoints for students to consider, and a list of discussion questions. The resource also reference quizzes, which are available on the website listed.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Create another activity around the vocabulary to extend the lesson
  • Allow learners to discuss with partners or small groups before coming together as a class
  • Provide sentence frames for students to reference as they discuss
Classroom Considerations

  • To find the quizzes mentioned in the plan, go to the website listed and scroll down to quizzes 57 and 58; you can click on them and take the quizzes right on the site, or access PDF or other file types
  • Treat the topic with care; some pupils may be sensitive about this topic

  • High-interest topic will engage individuals in discussion
  • Quotes require learners to think about multiple perspectives

  • None