Can You Solve the Prisoner Hat Riddle?

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You've been abducted by aliens! The good news: they don't eat collaborative and logical beings. The bad news: You need to prove that you are capable of working together with your fellow captives to solve a logic riddle. Enjoy a video from Ed.Ted that encourages learners to listen closely and think critically.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage viewers to perform the riddle in class by splitting the class into groups of applicable size before revealing the answer to the riddle
  • See if they can come up with the solution by working together
  • Use in a unit about teamwork, logic, or collaboration
  • Applicable to math, science, or social studies
  • Have learners work on the riddle in a peer counseling group to encourage different ways to work together
Classroom Considerations

  • The video prompts you to pause halfway through to attempt to solve the riddle without revealing the answer

  • Prompts viewers to use logic and work together
  • Comes with a short assessment and list of additional resources and riddles

  • None