Can Gases Dissolve in Water?

Why does soda fizz when opened? Learners discuss the appearance of bubbles in soda bottles when opened. In groups, they design and complete an experiment comparing the amount of carbon dioxide dissolving in cold versus hot liquids.  

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Instructional Ideas
  • There is a great extension teachers may want to include in the activity; complete it before class to determine if pseudo explosion is messy or unsafe
Classroom Considerations
  • All materials should be found in a standard science classroom (with exception of M&M's)
  • Participants might want to eat the M&M's; be prepared to address whether they may eat the lab materials
  • Teachers may want to use smaller bottles of soda (less than 1-liter) for first portion of the lab in order to save money
  • Part eight in a series of nine
  • Activity uses the 5E format
  • Provides teacher references, activity sheet and key, and reading passage
  • Includes scripted critical thinking questions for teachers to use throughout the activity
  • None