Calculus AB/BC - Derivatives of tan(x), cot(x), sec(x), and csc(x)

Continue to differentiate the rest of the trigonometric functions. Pupils see the derivatives of the other four trigonometric functions and begin to memorize the rules. Learners see examples that show that the calculus portion of a derivative of functions involving trigonometric expressions is easy and that by knowing the formulas, the rest is trig and algebra to arrive at a solution.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the definitions of the remaining trig functions in terms of sine and cosine and calculate their derivatives
Classroom Considerations
  • Expects students know how to manipulate and evaluate trigonometric functions
  • The lesson is the 10th lesson in a series of 11 parts in Unit 2
  • Provides a list of topics that will trip up students
  • Includes a detailed answer key
  • Shows the steps and explains precalculus manipulations within the examples
  • None