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Caffeine!! - Bite Sci-zed

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Caffeine is a legal stimulant that many people use every day, and some people are even addicted to it...but why? Discover the science behind this everyday drug, including how caffeine acts on the central nervous system, stimulates production of adrenaline, and increases dopamine in one's brain by slowing down its re-absorption. Then, after witnessing this creative presentation filled with funny anecdotes and scientific concepts, encourage your learners to caffeinate wisely!

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Presenter is engaging and humorous
  • Great base for branching off into other scientific concepts
  • Opportunity to flip the video: create your own multiple choice and/or open answer questions to check for understanding, add additional resources, or create a discussion question for an online open forum (requires free online registration)
  • Presenter speaks very, very quickly, and you may need to pause the video or replay to clarify the information