Bulletin Board Project

This Bulletin Board Project activity also includes:

Imagine a project that informs and entertains. Replace book reports with a bulletin board that highlights all the important elements of a novel. Readers research the author, create a timeline of events in the story, write a character analysis, compare characters, identify symbols, significant lines, figurative language, and much more. This assignment deserves a place in your curriculum library.

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Instructional Ideas
  • As a review for the AP literature exam, have class groups create bulletin boards for the major works studied during the course
  • For a single text read by all class members, assign groups one aspect of the project and then assemble the display
  • Use projects made by previous classes to stimulate interest in independent reading
  • Can be used as an assessment of independent reading
  • Project requirements are itemized and specifically detailed
  • The various aspects of the project require readers to focus on key elements of the work


  • No rubric is included
  • Although a model is included, no samples are provided