Brown Dwarfs

Not quite a star, not quite a planet ... what are brown dwarfs? Young astronomers learn the peculiarities of these heavenly bodies through a short video. The narrator explains the characteristics of brown dwarfs and the different types. The content also covers the process of locating them in our galaxy.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Consider assigning the resource as homework, then having learners prepare an argument that addresses the question "Are brown dwarfs more planet-like or more star-like?"
  • Show the video as an example of a type of heavenly body discovered purely through observation and calculations but not visited by humans
Classroom Considerations

  • Do a quick review of nuclear fusion before watching to ensure pupils are up to speed

  • The narrator expresses a vast knowledge of the subject and explains it concisely
  • The resource illustrates a clear progression toward discovery of brown dwarfs through the scientific method, making it an excellent example of the process at work

  • None