Bringing the Biodiversity of Ecuador to Spanish Immersion Classrooms

This Bringing the Biodiversity of Ecuador to Spanish Immersion Classrooms lesson plan also includes:

Designed for the Spanish Immersion classroom, scholars take a look at biodiversity and Ecuador; all the while, practicing their Spanish with a focus on verbs. In small groups, learners examine photographs of the different climate regions and identify from which region they came. The class discusses their results and how what makes up each region effects specific cultures.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • To save on prep-time ask family volunteers to search for pictures needed for the lesson
  • Create an Ecuador-themed bulletin board that showcases the country, pictures you've collected, as well as labels and descriptions in Spanish 
  • Group pupils heterogeneously based on Spanish language proficiency, allowing individuals to assist and learn from one another 
Classroom Considerations

  • The first four pages contain a project and curriculum overview
  • Gather photos and print them in color then laminate for extended use 
  • Participants should be familiar with the Spanish language 

  • Each member is assigned a role in their cooperative group
  • The lesson plan is written in detail and divided by tasks—before, during, and after 

  • The assessment comes with names already filled in—copy and white-out names prior to printing the page for personal use 
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