Brief Encounters

This Brief Encounters lesson plan also includes:

How are Pandyas different than Chispas? Explore cultural norms and societal behaviors with an engaging role-play activity. Split into groups of two hypothetical cultural groups, the formal Pandyas and the sociable Chispas, and another group of astute observers, class members decipher the importance of understanding and respecting the cultural backgrounds of others.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use in the context of a focus on multicultural acceptance and values
  • Connect with a volunteer from the Peace Corps or another international organization to discuss cultural awareness
  • Have members of each group write and/or speak about their experiences, including any difficulties they had about getting into or staying in character
  • Include in the first few weeks of a sociology class
  • Incorporate the activity into a discussion about xenophobia and immigration
Classroom Considerations

  • Be sure that a protocol for respectful and supportive conversation is in place before discussing personal values
  • If learners are shy about portraying each group, provide a list of scenarios or discussion prompts for them to address
  • Consider eliminating the point system in favor of a list of observations and questions

  • Encourages discussion about cultural values without singling anyone out
  • Addresses social questions in a hypothetical way, making learners feel safe when discussing sensitive topics
  • Provides roles for pupils who are more outgoing than others, as well as roles for those who would rather not be the center of attention

  • None