Body Systems

It's time to play Jeopardy! Learners review body systems as they play a fun game, choosing one of 30 questions ranging from 100 to 500 points, including a hidden Daily Double. 

  • A 100 point question: How many bones are found in an adult human?
  • A 500 point question: What is the job of the liver?

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Instructional Ideas
  • If you haven't covered this yet, use the game as an anticipatory set to see how much the class already knows
Classroom Considerations
  • Depending on what your class has learned, you may need to adjust some of these questions and how many points they are worth
  • Questions cover many aspects of human body systems
  • Students may feel the 500-point questions aren't much harder (or even easier) than the 100-point questions, depending on what and how they have learned the content
  • Categories are just letters from the word "SYSTEM"