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Blubber Gloves: It’s All About Insulation

This Blubber Gloves: It’s All About Insulation lesson plan also includes:

Instill the concept of adaptation with the help of Blubber Gloves—ziplock bags, shortening, and duct tape. Scholars discuss how animals and plants keep warm in polar regions, record their predictions, and try on their Blubber Gloves to experience how marine animals use insulation. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Post evaluation questions on a classroom blog, encourage learners to respond to at least one peer 
  • Send a list of materials home to give pupils the chance to conduct the experiment with their family 
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires a variety of materials—ask parents and guardians to donate items to save time and money 
  • The lesson is the sixth of 17 items in an ecosystem-themed unit 
  • Lesson plan is detailed and easy to follow 
  • Includes sentence frames to support all learners 
  • Typos are present but do not interfere with the overall understanding of the lesson plan