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Blood Types

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Young scientists learn the importance of knowing blood types and their compatibility. The instructor in the video explains each type of blood and their antigens and antibodies, and then differentiates between AB blood and Rh blood types. The video finishes by demonstrating how to determine blood types using a Punnett square.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite a representative from a local blood bank to speak to the class and, if time permits, have them figure out your pupils' blood types
  • Video best fits to support knowledge already learned about blood types
Classroom Considerations
  • Video is the 13th in a series of 21
  • Requires Internet access if flipping the classroom
  • Video includes high-quality images and diagrams to hold viewers' interest
  • Great chart at the end showing which blood types can/cannot give and receive other blood types
  • None
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