Blood Spatter: Bloodstain Analysis Experiments

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It may be gruesome but somebody's got to do it! Young forensic scientists get a feel for what the job entails as they study blood spatter in seven experimental activites. They examine how spatter can be changed by release height, surface, direction, angle of impact, force, and origin. For each factor, they follow a lab sheet and fill out a table to draw conclusions. An eighth activity has students examining an online crime scene, however this is not provided and may need supplementary materials if you use it. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • To use the eighth experiment, consider asking local law enforcement to design a crime scene for your class, then come hear presentations on student conclusions
Classroom Considerations
  • Remind learners to wear aprons or clothing they don't care about, as it may be stained
  • Real-life application is clear
  • Labs are written out and include tables to complete
  • The online crime scene isn't provided