Bingo Templates

Bingo! Find five in a row with a set of fun and creative bingo graphic organizers. The sheets feature shapes such as leaves, monkeys, dinosaurs, fire trucks, as well as symbols for Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Write in letters, shapes, or other recognizable images that your young learners are working on for them to find during a game of bingo
  • Have kids color each item a different color, and then call out the colors to see who wins bingo first with five in a row
  • A fun activity for small groups or in a center
Classroom Considerations

  • Printables are designed for younger kids, but you could use the templates for older learners as well (vocabulary, math concepts, science terms, etc)

  • Great for reinforcing basic concepts in class, or for playing a fun game with your kids
  • Variety of game boards is sure to fit your kids' interests and your curriculum

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