Bering Sea Fabulous Food Chain Game

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In spring, the Bering Sea turns green due to phytoplankton, which live at the surface, experiencing a population explosion. Groups of scholars play a food chain game, writing down food chains as the game is played. After five to six rounds, the group answers questions about the role of organisms in their food chains.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • As a class, read the Bering Sea: Who Lives There? before the activity and briefly discuss
Classroom Considerations

  • Copy, cut out, and use the short descriptions of organisms as the Alaska Fisheries Species Cards; pictures of organisms can be glued on back of respective cards or not used
  • Page with eats and eaten by can be cut out and used or you can omit these cards 
  • Game fits best with elementary or middle school learners

  • Activity provides cute food chain song, which may help some scholars remember roles of organisms
  • Provides data sheets, short reading, organism information, and lyrics to songs

  • Directions are a bit confusing and don't exactly match the provided materials; teachers may need to tweak the game
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