Benjamin Franklin: Politician and Diplomat

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A scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, politician, and the founder of a nation—and that's just one person! Learners investigate the many lives of Benjamin Franklin. Using a hands-on interactive online resource, they analyze primary documents and form a final written response on the importance of this influential founding father. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create teams of students to investigate Franklin's life and assist one another while analyzing the document
  • Extend the activity by debating why Franklin was selected for the $100 bill and not a smaller currency
Classroom Considerations
  • Pace the time of the lesson accordingly with the web tools activity
  • Final step assumes students have Internet access and addresses to email the response to teachers
  • Resource provides a hands-on investigative learning opportunity with online materials 
  • Lesson is interactive with use of documents and images from Franklin's era
  • None