Beach and Water Safety

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Nothing is more relaxing than a nice, sunny day at the beach. Make sure your visit to the beach remains relaxing with a list of summer safety tips for the beach, including using sunscreen with a high SPF, handling jellyfish and stingray stings, avoiding and surviving rip currents, and listening to designated lifeguards.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Distribute to learners at the end of the year as they prepare for summer vacation
  • Provide the tips to camp counselors or incoming lifeguards
  • Prompt your class to write a narrative essay in which someone is saved by a lifeguard, takes safety precautions, or survives a rip current
  • Use in an informational text reading unit
Classroom Considerations
  • A majority of the first page of the brochure prompts readers to join the United States Lifesaving Association
  • Brochure is in color, but would still be readable in black and white
  • Promotes the importance of beach safety in many different areas
  • Includes helpful tips for avoiding danger at the beach
  • Top ten list of safety tips focuses the most important things to remember
  • Provides a version of the brochure in Spanish
  • None