Be a Sequence Detective!

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Authors are constantly leaving clues that help the reader to understand the sequence of events in a story. Teach young readers how to pick up on these key temporal words and phrases with this slide show. After an introduction to commonly used terms, learners read three brief passages, hunting for clues that signal the sequence of events in each. Extend the activity by asking children to write their own short stories using the included vocabulary to develop events in sequential order. A simple, yet effective approach to teaching this fundamental reading and writing skill.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Includes a clear definition of the word sequence
  • Presentation includes slides that highlight the temporal words and phrases used in the reading passages
  • Slide show is downloadable, which allows teachers to make changes to meet the specific needs of their class

  • Only includes a few of the common temporal words and phrases, requiring the teacher to create a more extensive list
  • Teacher must explain why it is important for writers to develop a clear sequence of events