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Basic Conversation in Spanish - Greetings and Goodbyes

This Basic Conversation in Spanish - Greetings and Goodbyes instructional video also includes:

In less than three minutes, your pupils can learn twelve Spanish sayings. Señor Jordan pronounces each word clearly and provides a translation as well as verbal and written commentary on accent marks, punctuation, and informal vs. formal language. If you click Practice Video at the end of the clip, you will be directed to a two-minute matching exercise. Pause to allow class members time to determine which words go together, and press play for answers.

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Classroom Considerations
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Narration is calm and clear, providing English explanations and Spanish pronunciations
  • Connects to an activity for in-class or at-home practice
  • Effective for a warm-up, a review, or remediation
  • Since the video is on YouTube, consider cueing it up before class to avoid the advertisement
  • Explicit instructions are not provided in the practice video, but, after the first round of words, it is clear what to do