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Bank of America: How to Set Up a Budget

Financial literacy is one of the most important skills you can give your high schoolers as they prepare to be young adults. A helpful video from Bank of America guides teenagers through the steps for setting up a budget, as well as banking tips and methods to keeping track of their spending.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in an economics class when covering personal finance
  • Host a budgeting or banking seminar for teenagers who are preparing for financial independence
  • Encourage learners to watch the video at home, take note of important details, and then discuss what they have learned the next day in class
Classroom Considerations
  • Animation moves a little quickly, so be prepared to pause the video when needed
  • The extension link is only on screen for a few seconds at the end before the next video begins, so pause just before it ends
  • Helps to prioritize spending between necessary expenses and things one like to have
  • Budgeting steps are clear and easy to follow
  • Provides a link to the publisher's website for additional resources
  • None