Back to School

Get an idea of how your learners are feeling now that they are back in school with a quick activity. Kids complete 12 sentence starters in order to express their thoughts on the new year. Why is it fun? Why is it stressful? The final prompt is open-ended.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Instead of requiring learners to fill out all the prompts, have kids choose a certain amount of sentences that apply to how they are really feeling
  • Ask pupils to share with partners and then hold a class discussion about the overall back-to-school experience
Classroom Considerations

  • Depending on the level of your learners, you may need to review several of the adjectives to make sure they are certain of the meanings

  • The activity will encourage dialogue about school and give you information that you can use to adapt your curriculum or use as insight into the individual experience

  • Some of the sentences don't quite line up with the main part of the prompts "Being back to school is..."; you can deal with this by adding is to the first five starters and removing it from the main sentence or by informing students when they read out loud