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Here is an app that will help kids sort objects! Sorting is an action that promotes cognitive flexibility and executive function. It is a key skill used in categorizing scientific data, making generalizations, and is foundational in early mathematical reasoning. Research shows that children under the age of four or older children with severe ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) may lack the cognitive flexibility that occurs with sorting tasks.

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App Overview

Sorting starts with just a few clicks. There are three sorting levels to choose from; just choose which sorting option you’d like your child to start with and let the learning begin.


  • Click on Sorting 1, Sorting 2, or Sorting 3
  • Chose which thematic category to work on
  • Two or three labeled boxes are provided along with eight or more objects to be sorted into each box
  • Drag and drop the items into the appropriate box
  • Correct placement of each object is reinforced with verbal praise
  • Incorrect placement results in a verbal correction such as, “No, that’s not it” or “Try again.”


  • Level 1:

    • Toys & Clothes
    • Animals
    • Home
    • Letters & Numbers
    • Shapes
    • Colors
    • Vehicles
    • Happy & Sad
    • He & She
  • Level 2:

    • Outdoors & Indoors
    • Big & Small Animals
    • Living & Non-living Things
    • Circles & Spheres
    • Toys & Vehicles
    • Fruits & Vegetables
    • Heavy & Light
    • Excited & Mad
  • Level 3:

    • Shapes
    • Colors
    • Home
    • Toys, Clothes, Food
    • Summer, Fall, and Winter
    • Mad, Glad, and Sad
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Instructional Ideas
  • The app could provide additional practice after the concept has already been introduced
  • Rotation stations could be set up around the room where children sort real objects, objects on the app, and then complete a cut-and-paste sorting craft
  • Help very young children with autism or severe autism work at a task longer each day by setting a timer while they use the app. Every week, increase the amount of time they need to practice the skill in order to increase their attention spans. Using the app will be naturally reinforcing for the child.
  • Use the app as a free-time activity that promotes a learning objective



Classroom Considerations
  • Moves slowly and this may frustrate some students
  • There is no way to add to the complexity of the tool or to provide practice in shifted sorting objectives



  • Provides many relevant sorting themes
  • Level 3 provides three sorting boxes for a further challenge
  • Promotes a foundational learning skill
  • Fosters facial expression recognition by having the child sort emotions
  • A progress report is included under the options button. This will make data collection a breeze.


  • No auto-corrective feedback is provided for incorrect answers
  • The child can make the same mistake over and over without moving on or being shown the correct answer
  • There is no way to go back to the main menu once an exercise has begun
  • The option to try again or go back to the menu only appears when the task is completed