Astronomy Mission Module

This Astronomy Mission Module unit also includes:

Yes, scientists say, there is other life in our solar system! And the best place to look is on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Here, learners mimic the techniques scientists use to gather information about objects in our solar system, write about their findings, and share all they have learned.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Place learners in groups or pairs and switch them throughout the activity
Classroom Considerations

  • If you use all activities, the resource will take eight days to complete
  • Consider the suggested accommodations for special needs learners and advanced extensions for high-level learners

  • Easy lesson to teach as it includes step-by-step instructions for teachers
  • Includes all materials: student pages, reference pages, diagrams, and charts
  • Activities set up for the 5E model: engage, explore, explain, extend, evaluate

  • Some links do not work
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