Assessment for the California Mathematics Standards Grade 5

This Assessment for the California Mathematics Standards Grade 5 assessment also includes:

Test young mathematicians' knowledge with an assessment aligned to California's fifth grade state standards. The exam covers a multitude of concepts including fractions and decimals, positive and negative numbers, measurement; and how to use a protractor, compass, grid, table, graph, and chart. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Drive instruction based on assessment results; observe growth from a pre- to a post-assessment
  • Create small groups to target specific concepts for pupils in need of additional support
  • Assign pages separately for a more focused practice worksheet
Classroom Considerations
  • Copies are required 
  • Each participant needs access to a protractor and must know how to use it 
  • Because the assessment is aligned to the California State Standards, review each concept prior to administering to conclude that the problems also follow the Common Core State Standards 
  • Provides plenty of space for class members to show their work
  • The assessment has a clear design and is easy to follow
  • Address an overwhelming amount of concepts that may be overwhelming for some scholars