Aspirin—The Wonder of Medicine

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What do aspirin and the willow tree have in common? Scholars of chemical synthesis engage in a fascinating reaction to make their own aspirin samples. The lab uses thin layer chromatography analysis, includes stoichiometric calculations, and provides several extension activities. The teacher's guide includes detailed instructions and printable materials.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show a brief presentation of the history of aspirin before beginning the lab
  • Create fun awards for pupils achieving the best percent yield and the highest level of purity for their aspirin samples
Classroom Considerations
  • Make arrangements in advance for demonstrations of HPLC, IR spectroscopy, and NMR at a local college or lab
  • Allow sufficient drying time for aspirin samples before weighing them
  • Worksheet is well-organized and provides support for difficult calculations
  • The lab allows learners to demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge, giving you many assessment opportunities
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