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Area and Perimeter of Rhombuses and Kites: Lesson

This Area and Perimeter of Rhombuses and Kites: Lesson instructional video also includes:

Flip the triangles up and create a parallelogram. Using the idea of transformations, the video develops the area formula for rhombi and kites. The segment of an extensive geometry playlist uses the formula to find the areas of different figures.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Derive the area formulas by summing the areas of the four triangles that make up the figure
Classroom Considerations
  • It is helpful if pupils understand that multiplication is commutative and associative
  • The examples assume learners know the Pythagorean Theorem and special right triangles
  • Uses drawings to illustrate the concept
  • Links to more resources that explore area and perimeter of rhombi and kites 
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