AP US History Test Review

This AP US History Test Review handout & reference also includes:

Every major concept, key term, and definition that an AP US history student should know for a test prep session and the big exam is right here in this comprehensive, well-organized study guide. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Divide students into five groups and then assign them each one of the units of the review packet. Students can then become "experts" on their units and present their assignment material to the class in a unique and creative way as part of a whole group review
Classroom Considerations

  • The document is entirely constituted by text descriptions. Encourage students to draw images or devise mnemonics that will help them visualize the content, which consequentially will support retention of the information

  • Units divided according to three sections: things to know, key terms/concepts, and important definitions
  • Excellent breakdown of curriculum

  • None
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