Animoto Video Slideshow Maker

Turn the pictures on your phone into a great looking movies that will blow the hair back of whoever watches it. It is easy to make people laugh, cry, or just inform them about something interesting by using the creative tools available.  

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App Overview

Name your project, and get ready for your debut directorial experience. 

  1. Choose videos and photos from your library by tapping the checkmark
  2. Pick a style and music for your video—choose from provided music selections or select something from your personal library
  3. Set the tone of your video with a customized intro and outro
  4. Add text to your slides
  5. Finish and share—and if you need to edit, that’s easy too!
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Instructional Ideas
  • Turn any presentation into something fun and engaging
  • Have students create video biographies of themselves
  • Change their creative writing assignments into a visual spectacular
  • Turn your printed directions into visual directions
Classroom Considerations

Don't be surprised if you or your students go a little crazy shooting photos to create new movies. It is too easy to have fun, and create movies that are fun to make and watch.

  • So easy to use
  • Very easy to look like you’re a professional
  • If using the lite account, you can only work with 12 slides
  • Some editing tools are only available with a membership