Ancient Egypt by KIDS DISCOVER

Discover Ancient Egypt! Learn about mummification and gods, visit pyramids and temples, examine cliff carvings and paintings, take quizzes and engage in activities. Colorful, interactive, and easy to use, this app is not just for kids!

5th - 12th Social Studies & History 36 Views 19 Downloads
App Overview
  • To get started, tap the Kids Discover button and the home page icon to reveal the menu for Ancient Egypt Volume II
  • Complete directions on how to use the app can be accessed by tapping the Kids Discover button
  • The Index permits immediate access to each of the 11 sections
  • Sections are divided into 11 topics: The Gift of the Nile, Mighty Pharaoh, Daily Life, Cliff Carvings, Gods, Priests, and Temples, Leaving their mark, Pyramid Builders, Mummy Makers and the Afterlife, Activities, Quizzes, and Resources. Also included are sections for credits and other apps for purchases
  • Activities include a maze challenge, a coloring activity, a memory match game, and quizzes
  • The Resources button lists related websites and book titles
  • The Check It Out! feature provides answers to posed questions
  • Tap the blue and white plus button to learn more about an image
  • Tap the red and white X button to close the info window
  • Tap the arrow icon to watch a video
  • Tap the speaker icon to listen to the audio
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Instructional Ideas
  • A great way to launch a study of this rich culture, the images and informational asides are sure to engage learners
  • A great way to interest individuals or groups in extended research projects
Classroom Considerations
  • No in-app ads 
  • Background blurbs, written for upper-elementary and middle school readers, are interesting and informative
  • Rich images and inspiring photographs
  • Interactive maps and animated graphics
  • Easy to navigate
  • Worth the price
  • Although the activities and games are engaging, they are of limited educational value