Lesson Plan

Analyzing Political Campaign Commercials

Imagine a lesson that models for learners how to separate facts from opinions. How to detect bias. How to evaluate a source of information. How to identify propaganda. Although designed for middle schoolers, the activities in this packet teach skills all voters should develop. Groups analyze presidential campaign commercials to determine how the ads are designed to educate and influence the electorate.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Although the campaign commercials included in the packet are dated, they are carefully chosen and class members will find them easy to analyze
  • The worksheets encourage a close reading of the commercials
  • The final assessment, creating a campaign commercial for the 2012 presidential election, can be easily adapted to any pending election
  • The Living Room Candidate link provides access to a vast library of commercials
  • All necessary materials are included in the packet
  • The worksheets will need to be revised to reflect the current year
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