Analysis of Marbury v. Madison

Should the United States Supreme Court have the power of judicial review? Instructors guide class members through a review of Marbury v. Madison and assist class members in writing a brief of the case. As independent practice, individuals then read information about McCulloch v. Maryland and craft their own brief in which they analyze the impact the case had on the relationship between federal and state governments.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Prior to the guided instruction activity, provide an example of a case study and annotate the various features
Classroom Considerations

  • The fifth in a series of 19 related resources
  • Scaffold the lesson to meet the needs of your particular class

  • The five-page packet includes the plan, the case study format sheet, and an analysis of both court cases

  • The resource presumes instructors are familiar with and can model the case study method
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