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An Appearance of Complex Numbers 2

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Help the class visualize operations with complex numbers with a lesson that formally introduces complex numbers and reviews the visualization of complex numbers on the complex plane. The fifth installment of a 32-part series reviews the procedures of adding, subtracting, multiplying complex numbers by a scalar, and multiplying two complex numbers. Pupils practice those operations and graph their results on the same complex plane.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create groups based upon their abilities to operate with binomials
  • Conduct a quick review on scale factors and the results of multiplying a length by a scale factor
Classroom Considerations
  • If the class remembers how to add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers from Algebra II, consider the lesson as a quick review
  • The lesson plan includes a graphic organizer to use to distinguish between the different types of numbers
  • The scaffolding makes the connection between multiplication of complex numbers to the multiplication of binomials
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