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Altered Reality

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Fascinate young life scientists by showing them how their brain learns. By using prism goggles while attempting to toss bean bags at a target, lab partners change their outlook on the world around them, producing amusing results. Partners then use their data to design additional experiments to show the adaptability of the human brain. The resource comes complete with all required materials, including a pattern for making the goggles.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Get twice the mileage out of your prism goggles by asking lab groups to design their own experiment featuring them
  • If possible, copy page seven in color to make it easier for researchers to identify the areas of the brain discussed throughout the experiment
Classroom Considerations
  • Although originally designed for the high school level, the plan could easily be modified for lower grades by just focusing on one aspect of what's going on in the brain
  • Very easy to execute with the included materials
  • Interesting subject matter that engages and entertains the class
  • None