Adjectives in Spanish

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Un presentación instructivo demonstrates proper Spanish grammar when adding adjectives in a sentence. Middle and high schoolers practice connecting adjectives to nouns with conjunctions, paying close attention to the numbers and genders of each noun, to create frases completas.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage pairs or groups to make their own grammar slideshow presentations
  • Assign the presentation for homework during a flipped classroom activity
  • Use a computer lab or classroom tablet cart to show the presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • Slide transitions and text contain animation and sound effects, which you might want to limit for a more straightforward lesson
  • Provides examples of gender and number consistency, irregular adjectives, and nationalities
  • Ideal for both introductory classes and review sessions
  • Website on the last slide is no longer available; cut the final slide
  • Does not provide opportunities for practice