Adjectives Describe

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Vivid writers all start out the same way: learning in elementary school how to use a variety of adjectives! Young grammarians add adjectives to eight fill-in-the-blank sentences.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Include in a homework packet when focusing on the parts of speech
  • Encourage class members to create their own sentences, complete with one or more adjectives
  • Create a word bank with adjectives for class members to draw from, encouraging them not to use the same words twice
Classroom Considerations

  • Some sentences do not have periods; consider adding them to minimize confusion
  • Does not include a word bank, which can foster creativity for some learners but may be confusing to others

  • Provides an answer key with sample answers
  • Includes two examples of adjectives at the top of the page

  • None